The largest digital recruitment event for students in Finland was held from January 15th to 21st, 2024. Tuudo’s Recruitment Fair featured 72 employers, and a total of 75,000 visitors from all over Finland attended the event during the week.

The event was organized in collaboration with Oikotie and the Responsible Summer Job campaign.

It has become a tradition that Tuudo’s Recruitment Fair always happen at the beginning of new semester, both in spring and autumn. January marks the start of the hottest summer job hunting season, which is also evident at the recruitment fair and the main theme was summer jobs. Thousands of students are looking for work for the upcoming summer, and at Tuudo, we help them find the right companies.

We received praise from our clients once again after the successful event. “The recruitment fair was well-organized, and things were made easy for company representatives,” praised recruitment expert Virpi Koskimies from Metsä Group.

The digital recruitment event is becoming a regular part of students’ summer job search.

Digital recruitment fairs have been organized in Tuudo since 2021. These were the seventh in order. The event’s popularity has grown, and Tuudo’s recruitment fairs are beginning to establish themselves as part of students’ job search.

In terms of attendance, these recruitment fairs reached the same level as in autumn 2023, with a total of 75,000 visitors participating. However, compared to January 2023 data, the number of visitors increased by as much as 36%. This was the last time the event had a summer job theme.

Recruitment fair reach university students nationwide. Sonja Höynälä from Elektrobit highlights the reach as one of the strengths of the recruitment fairs.

Students swiped more than ever before

During the recruitment fair, students get to explore interesting job opportunities and companies by swiping, similar to dating apps. The goal is to make job hunting not only easy but also fun. By swiping right, students save a job for themselves, making it easy to revisit their “matches” later on.

This recruitment fair set an all-time record for the number of swipes, as students swiped employers and job positions more than ever before in the history of recruitment fairs. A total of over 600,000 swipes were made during the week.

Speed interviews and webinars drew attention

In addition to swiping, students could approach employers by sending them a request for a speed interview. A speed interview is like a mini job interview and provides an excellent opportunity to make an impression on both sides. Eleven employers offered quick interviews, and students applied for them about 1,600 times during the week.

Adding to the event atmosphere, a career webinar was held on January 16th-17th, 2024. During the two webinar days, presentations were given by 21 employers. The webinar was attended approximately 2,700 times in total, with an average of 100 listeners during the speeches.

A webinar presentation is a good and relatively easy way to increase a company’s visibility among students and at the same time talk about summer job opportunities. About 150 students were online when our presentation started, and I think it’s a good audience for this type of event. Additionally, I’ve heard that the recording has been shared in universities, gaining visibility later on.” – Virpi Koskimies, Metsä Group

We have participated in webinars before, and they have reached the audience well.” – Sonja Höynälä, Elektrobit

The national digital recruitment event will return in the autumn

Interest in digital recruitment events is clearly high, so we will return in the autumn with national recruitment fair once again. The main theme of the fall fairs is part-time work, but each recruitment event includes all kinds of job opportunities, from full-time jobs to internships.

However, you don’t have to wait until September, as there are job opportunities available in Tuudo all year round. If you are an employer and would like to recruit, for example, summer employees for the upcoming summer, please contact us. We are happy to help you with various recruitment challenges and find the best solutions so that you can reach your target audience better and more efficiently!